Air Handler

Modular Air Handling Systems

Air Handler is used to circulate the air throughout the indoor system. The air handler unit consists of different units which includes filters, blowers and coils. The working of Air Handler is as it pulls air in and it passes the air over the coils for cooling and heating, and then it throws it back to the indoor unit through the duct system. Basically, Air Handler is the part of the AC System that ensures the treated air reaches to every part of the indoor unit. It is not only used to pump cleanroom air but they also offer advanced climate control features that are not offered by fan filters.

Air Handler Features:

  • It is used to recondition and circulate the air every part of indoor unit.
  • It saves the cleanroom floor space by mounting the floor outside the indoor unit.
  • It uses a pre-filter to clean the air and for conditioning it uses the coil.
  • In AHU heating and cooling recovery exchanger is normally fitted to the AHU to save energy and increase capacity.

Air Handler Components: