Exterior Design

Exterior design is the process of designing the exterior of the building. This includes the facade, skin, roof, and foundational elements. While exterior design can be just as creative and artistic as interior, a knowledge of structural engineering is necessary. Exterior design is usually performed by an architect with help of civil and structural engineers.

Exterior design provides a sophisticated compliment to the architecture of a dwelling, or space. By integrating Nature and man-made structures, the home can be expanded into the outdoors. The functional outcome must blend effectively with surrounding greenery, fountains or features in order to create an environment that is suitable. and comfortable for quality outdoor time and family or home entertainment functions.


Designs vary based on several important factors:

At Coracias Projects Private Limited we are passionate about creating building designs that not only are highly functional, but that fit our client’s essence and brand. We know that the exterior of your building can impact the way your clients, partners, clientele and employees feel about your company. That means addressing exterior design through a collaborative and integrated approach which unites all stakeholders and design staff on one team to invent spaces together, comprehensively. Our exterior building designs will help you ensure that your facility not only meets your operational needs but is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your company image and culture.