Design, Build and Construction

The Cleanroom Design & Build Advantage

Design and build is a project delivery method where both the design and construction of the cleanroom is contracted and managed by a single source.

As the single point of contact responsible for the successful implementation of the entire cleanroom project and by using the Design & Build process, Clean Rooms West clients receive a complete project scope and total cost before the project begins. No surprises!


Why Design & Build Construction?

  • Saves Time: Less time and fewer meetings required throughout the project
  • Saves Money: Clients know the true construction costs upfront allowing them to efficiently manage their budgets.
  • Provides Piece of Mind: Clients select the cleanroom solution that best suits their unique needs.

Reduce overall project implementation utilizing “Fast Track” Process :

  • Develop Drawings and Cleanroom Specifications
  • Manage all Material Procurements.
  • Perform Site Staging
  • Ongoing Onsite Supervision
  • Coordinate Building Inspections
  • Manage all Subcontractors
  • Project Management
  • Perform Final Balance, Test and Certification
  • Manage all Final Inspections
  • Complete all Final Documentation